Director, Producer & Videographer

  • Impact Forum                                                           
  • GNG Green Earth Film Festival                         
  • Independent Talents International Film Festival  
  • StoryBolt’s 4th Short Documentary Contest     
  • Kraków Green Film Festival
  • International Migration & Enviromnetal Film Festival (Toronto)

L.A. Illusion

Director, Producer & Videographer

  • I.P.A.S. – Independent Political Activism Short Film Festival (Athens)
  • London | Seasonal Short Film Festival
  • First-Time Filmmaker Festival                         
  • Short Cut Film Festival                             
  • Out of the Can International Film Festival       
  • Screened at the Ritzy in San Francisco

1,2,3 All Eyes On Me

Boom Operator

  • Austin Film Festival: Winner Jury Award               
  • CineOdyssey Film Festival: Winner Best Actor
  • Cordillera  International Film Festival: Winner best Drama
  •  HollyShorts Film Festival: Winner Best Short
  • Key West Film Festival: Winner Best Short
  • Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival: Winner Best Short
  • Magnolia Independent Film Festival: Winner Best Short Film
  • Pittsburg Shorts: Winner Best Short Film
  • San Jose International Short Film Festival: Winner Best Drama
  • New York Latino Film Festival: Winner Best Short

TSmith Experience

Sound Mixer

  •  CreaTV’s Creatives competition: Finalist

LZ 290

Sound Design & Producer

  • Vimeo Staff Pick
  • AltFF Alternative Film Festival: Semi Finalist



  • Venice Film Festival

London London Squiddy

  Producer & Sound Mixer

  • Grant from the Aarhus Filmværksted
  • Aarhus Filmfestival
  • EFC Premiere Weekend (Denmark)

Velvet Child

Composer & Producer



Memory Lane

Sound Mixer & Composer


Sound Mixer

Van Life directed by Meg Niman

I Can’t Sleep directed by Gina Rose

In A Breath directed by Ally May

Rendered – Podcast

This Green Earth – Podcast

Sound Mixer

and more..